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Over the years, we have found some problems and issues come up again and again. spacer
Be sure that you know the limitations of the users’ equipment.
Programmers should have easy access to machines as close as possible in spec as those used by the users. There is no point developing on and for a NT box with a 17" monitor, only to find that users have laptops with 12" screens running Windows 3.11 at 640x480 resolution
Design for user's machines
A good screen design needs to concentrate on the basics.
That means consistent application of the Design Standard. Programmers can become fascinated with the details of how a specific widget is implemented. They lose sight of the wood for the sake of some of the trees.
Concentrate on the basics
Do not just assume that developers will follow the Design Standard because it exists
Implementing the Design rules will sometimes require more programming effort and may require more testing. Support the developers with Workshops to introduce the Design Standard. Make someone responsible for policing its implementation, for example marketing and the test team.
Support the design standard
Test the product at the alpha stage with customers/users.
It will be too late to fix more than simple cosmetic problems after the beta has been run and there are only 3 weeks left before 1st release to market
Test at the alpha stage
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